Vincent Van Gogh – His Life Story

Vincent Van Gogh –  His Life Story
Julius Meier-Graefe
List Price: $14.95
194 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1515093770

Vincent van Gogh was a controversial artist and the life story of the artist has never been told in such a detailed manner. The well-known art critic Julius Meier-Graefe (1867 – 1935) penned this biography of Vincent Van Gogh in the early 1900’s. His particular interest was the French Impressionists and this study of Vincent van Gogh is one of Julius Meier Graefe’s most successful books.

Meier-Graefe takes the reader along Vincent’s journey from childhood, through his earlier careers, and leads us on a journey alongside Vincent as the artist discovers his artistic style. As readers, we learn the details of Vincent’s struggle with poverty and mental health, and why Vincent is still considered a beautiful soul.

This story vibrantly reflects the challenging life of the beautiful artist Vincent Van Gogh and helps us understand the man and process of creating his art.