The Three Principles of the People

Three Principles of the People Cover The Three Principles of the People
Dr. Sun Yat Sen

ISBN: 978-1927077030
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360 pages

This translation is made from the tenth edition of the Chinese book issued by the New Age Publishing Company with some of the errors of earlier editions corrected. In view of the prominent and influential position which The Three Principles of the People holds in the Chinese Nationalist movement and because of the difficulty involved in making passages for an abridged edition, Mr. Price has rendered a complete translation. The translation is faithful to the original and yet clear to the English reader. It will be of help to those who have read the book in Chinese and also to those who wish to know the English equivalents for Dr. Sun’s ideas, terms and phrases. Three features not in the original Chinese text have been added in the translation: The number of paragraphs has been increased. A few brief notes have been added to explain generally unfamiliar names and references. A brief summary has been placed at the beginning of each chapter. This translation was originally issued under the auspices of the China Committee, Institute of Pacific Relations, as a volume of the “International Understanding Series” with the hope that it will promote a better understanding abroad of the great forces that are now driving China forward.