The Moon Year

MoonYear The Moon Year
A Record Of Chinese Customs and Festivals
Julliet Bredon and Igor Mitrophanow
Price: 29.95
576 pages

The Moon Year is a facinating recording the mysterious and somewhat elusive traditions of the Chinese. Juliet Bredon and Igor Mitrophanow trace their way through the intimate life of Chinese religion, superstitions, philosophies, customs, and society. Only after a year’s residence in China are the authors able to gather an intimate perspective on this age-old civilization that has withstood the test of time.

Bredon and Mitrophanow unravel some of the puzzles that surround this fascinating culture, through detailed description of the everyday beliefs of the Chinese people and the festivals of their ‘Moon Calendar,’ used as a diary of daily happenings.

As the original printing of this book was in 1927, many of these rites may no longer exist, further emphasizing the importance of Bredon and Mitrophanow’s work. Much of the material for The Moon Year was gathered first-hand from people they met along their journey, as well as from rare Chinese books and texts, resulting in a refreshingly honest exploration of a great civilization.