Here I Am: Finding Oneself through Healing and Letting Go

Here I Am: Finding Oneself through Healing and Letting Go

Mark Linden O’Meara

Let Go and Heal is a positive re-affirming guidebook to help you start dealing with and working through emotional issues that hold you back from leading a more fulfilling life!It is a thought-provoking, awareness-raising and human approach to emotions and healing. By blending scientific research, mind/body, and personal experience, this book creates a comprehensive guide to resolving the issues that keep hurting us.A comprehensive handbook and holistic approach to:

– Identifying and challenging your personal emotional issues and working through them leading to a happier, healthier relationship with yourself and others

– Discovering and affirming your emotions and developing healthy emotional attitudes

– Understanding the dynamics and benefits of letting go through tears, laughter, and self-expression

– Lessening your burden of unresolved issues and their impact on relationships

– Learning to resolve unfinished business

– Rediscovering your sense of self, joy, and creativity

A comprehensive guide to the emotional and behavioral effects of abuse, hurt, and life challenges with positive and reaffirming techniques to promote resolution, healing, and rediscovering yourself!