Forgotten Kingdom

ForgottenKingdom Forgotten Kingdom
Peter Goullart
List Price: $18.95
280 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1514737187

Peter Goullart was brought up in the Orient and spent most of his life there. Forgotten Kingdom describes his years in the ancient forgotten Chinese Kingdom of Nakhi in Yunnan, by the Tibetan border, where, as a representative of the Chinese Industrial Co-operatives, he really mixed with the people. This is a book about paradise by a man who lived there for nine years. It is not easy to write a good book about paradise, but people are Mr. Goullart’s forte, and when he mixes us up with the Nakhis he delivers us up to his idyll. Likiang itself, its sunlight and its flowers and its rushing waters, its wine shops and caravans, its glints of danger, its swagger and its happy laughter, is beautifully captured in his story of adapting to and living in the Lijiang culture “Forbidden Kingdom” is an incredible verbal picture painted by Peter Goullart’s first-hand account of the changes that happened during the 1940’s in the Naxi Chinese area. Forgotten Kingdom was written during the time when this “Silk Road” Town was the only access point for outside goods to China during WWII.

A must read if you visit Lijiang or Yunnan China!