Robert J. Taormina – The Lightning Theory of Origin of the Universe

The Lightning Theory of the Origin of the Universe

The following is an article by Robert J. Taormina entitled
“The Lightning Theory of the Universe”

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About the Author

Robert J. Taormina (Ph.D., University of California) is an Emeritus Full Professor, who has published more than 100 journal articles and conference papers on problem solving in a variety of applied settings. He has had a life-long interest in cosmology and, although it was not the main area of his work, spent several decades theorizing about the origin of the universe and how gravity is created, which culminated in his 2017 monograph of those topics. The main areas of his professional work and research have included empirical and applied studies in leadership excellence, organizational behavior, social psychology, personal resilience, and cross-cultural comparisons. He has taught and lectured at universities in Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia, including Japan, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Among the honors he received was a Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Leadership in Education that was granted from the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Science (in Europe), Best Reviewer Awards from the International Division of the Academy of Management, and a Distinguished Scholar Award from UNESCO. He is currently an independent research and problem-solving consultant.


Table of Contents
The Lightning Theory of the Origin of the Universe:
With Explanations of Space, Time, and the Creation of Gravity
Robert J. Taormina
Section Page
Abstract 3
I. Introduction 4
A. Why a New Theory of the Universe?  4
B. Scientific Revolution and New Theories  5
C. How to Evaluate a New Theory  5
D. The Need for the New “Lightning Theory of the Universe”  5
II. The Basics Defined  6
A. What is “Space” & What is “the Universe”?  6
B. Why Space Cannot Be Curved 7
C. What is “Time”? 11
D. Why there is No “Space-Time Continuum” 12
1. Summarizing the Origin of the Space-Time Concept 13
2. Why the Concept of a “Space-Time Continuum” is Fallacious… 21
3. Refutation of Studies Seeming to Support the False Space-Time Continuum 23
III. “The Lighting Theory of the Origin of the Universe” 30
A. Introduction to the Lightning Theory 30
B. Historical Background of the Big Bang Theory 30
C. The Lightning Theory of the Origin of the Universe 31
1. Empty Space as the Setting for the Origin of the Universe 32
2. The Origin of the Universe as a Lightning “Creation Event” 32
3. The Cause of the Lightning Event was the Universal Vacuum or Void 33
4. How the Universal Vacuum Caused the Lightning “Creation Event” 34
5. Why the Expansion of the Universe is Accelerating 36
(a) There is no such thing as “dark matter” 36
(b) Empty space cannot expand 37
D. The Shape of the Lightning Creation Event and the Collision of Galaxies 37
1. The Shape of the Lightning Creation Event 37
2. Galaxy Collisions in Lightning Theory versus Big Bang Theory 38
3. A Brief Note on Lightning Theory in Relation to String Theory 41
IV. The Creation of Gravity 42
A. Review and Refutation of Previous Theories on the Cause of Gravity 43
1. Gravity is Not Curved Space 43
2. Gravity is Not a Unique Subatomic Particle 43
B. Where Gravity is Created 45
1. Consider the Electron 45
2. Consider the Proton.. 45
3. Consider the Neutron 45
C. How Gravity is Created in the Neutron 46
1. The Proton-Electron Interaction within the Neutron Causes Gravity 47
2. Neutron “Spin” and the Gravity Wave 48
D. Neutron Gravity Waves and Spinning Neutron Stars 49
E. Neutron Gravity Waves and “Quantum Gravity” 49
F. Thoughts about “Quarks” and Gravity Creation 50
V. Evaluating the New Theory 51
References 54